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Benefits of “Group” Training:

  • More motivational
  • More fun
  • More transferable to “real life” situations with your dog
  • Dogs learn to work under MORE and ANY distractions
  • Desensitizes dogs to working around other dogs AND people
  • More cost effective
  • Meet new human and dog friend
  • Weeknight and weekend courses available
  • Plus, much more
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New group classes are starting VERY frequently, and sell out FAST

Have Questions? Call Eric Straetmans personally at 647-865-DOGS (3647) for more information on prices, start dates, and/or to book a class. You can also check out our UPCOMING CLASSES page to find a date to suit your schedule.

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Most dogs will start in our NOVICE program

In this course you will learn:

  • Week #1: No dog orientation week
  • Week #2: Sit and Release (the OK command)
  • Week #3: Heel (walk beside you NOT pulling with a loose leash)
  • Week #4: Sit for Examination (sit politely while people approach and pet the dog….NO JUMPING)
  • Week #5: Sit/Stay (dog in a sit while you walk away)
  • Week #6: Down
  • Week #7: Down/Stay (what I consider the MOST real life useful command)
  • Week #8: Come (recall on first command…A COMMAND THAT WILL SAVE YOUR DOGS LIFE!)
  • Week #9: Review
  • Week #10: Test/Graduation


I will (VERY OCCATIONALLY) offer private training. I HIGHLY SUGGEST you find a way to enroll into a GROUP setting.

Training people and their dogs for 20 PLUS YEARS, I have learned, and evolved.

If you would have asked me 20 plus years ago, “what’s the best way to train a dog” I would have always suggested privates because I thought (and believed) that dedicating the training to the specific dogs needs and dedicating the training specifically for the individual dog was best.

Although in the days when I DID offer mostly private lessons, I would coach my clients and explain that training in the school with JUST me, them and their dog was very simple and not stimulating. I would ask them to practice on weekends in front of Walmart or the grocery store, in downtown Toronto crowds, take them training at the local festival with loud live band and a full park.

What would happen is they either wouldn’t do it enough or even not at all. This would create a dog that was ABSOLUTELY perfect at home alone, or out on a walk with no people or dogs in sight. But the trained dog would become embarrassingly “bad” the moment company came over or you approach other dogs and people on the street… and THESE are the times you need obedience more than ever.

If you train in a group with 10 to 12 other dogs and 15 to 25 other people and tons of stimulation…that is the hard part…so obeying in ANY real life situation becomes easy.

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Group Training is Best ... but I will make exceptions from time to time

Feel free to call ERIC personally 647-865-DOGS (3647) to discuss your needs.

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Just bring home a new puppy and Having Problems?

Call Eric 647-865-DOGS (3647)

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